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Sexy Girls in Pantyhose, High Heels & Short Skirts

Sexy short skirt gallery

Callie Thorpe says, "It's so ingrained in plus women to avoid drawing attention to their bodies that wearing something short or what is deemed 'not suitable' for certain body shapes is just out of the question. But according to Ragini Nag Rao, you just need to get yourself used to them. So let's shake off these rules and begin embracing the things that should make us want to live out loud, like mini dresses, horizontal stripes, and all. Your body is yours. Danielle Evanier points out, "For every person that'll hate this look, 10 others will love it. For me, my goal has always been to live life fully. Check out the playlist below, and be sure to subscribe to Bustle's YouTube page for more inspo! Want more body positivity? Chances are the responses won't even be as negative as you think. Amarachi Ukachu says, "There was a point in my life where I never wore skirts, dresses, or shorts above my knees because of what people might think. Who decided big is bad anyway? I've never feared wearing the shortest of miniskirts. She tells me, "I haven't always been confident enough to wear mini skirts or short dresses as someone who had been constantly taught not to show off too much skin as a fat woman, because eventually it could offend someone. Below are 29 plus size bloggers in minis for your inspiration, and the far more enlightening style rules they can offer. For her, it's a non-issue and never will be one. Nah, Natalie Drue says. You have no reason to feel weird about it. Sexy short skirt gallery

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Sexy short skirt gallery

Sexy short skirt gallery

Sexy short skirt gallery

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  1. Kejas says:

    Because your legs are beautiful. I'm not here for people's approval, though, and as a fat woman I am in no way apologetic for dressing the way I like. You're The One Who Can Put Limitations On Yourself Granted, there are a ton of articles out there that talk about how to look your slimmest, but that doesn't mean you have to follow them.

  2. Moogutilar says:

    All that matters is that you enjoy it. I wore this dress because it's cute, lightweight, and easy while grabbing brunch with my boyfriend on a hot NYC summer day.

  3. Taujinn says:

    But now I know if people don't like my jiggly thighs, chunky calves, or thick knees then they don't have to look. Who decided big is bad anyway?

  4. Gardajar says:

    For her, it's a non-issue and never will be one. Nah, Natalie Drue says.

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