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I am not in love anymore. Communicate. Trust. Connect..

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I am not in love anymore

Sometimes it takes going to a professional therapist to help work this out, but here are 5 things you can do on your own. Do not blame or accuse or make negative comments about everything your partner is doing wrong. By Crystal Crowder Falling in love is one of the most incredible experiences, and it often takes you by surprise. Everything he did that used to be charming started to annoy me — from the way he sang everything to the way he'd drum on his steering wheel in the car, things I used to find endearing and quirky turned into annoyances. Relationships sometimes involve boredom, or physical distance; that's the nature of being someone's partner for a long time. Because in this case, the eyes really are the window to the soul. Get back to basics. EdS, tells Bustle. You care less and less about his needs and as a result, you hurt him. Last, partners develop the ability to create an environment in the relationship that supports desired changes. Love helps give you the energy to work through the bad times. Oct 22, Blog , Digital Romace It happens in the lives of most people. Communicate Your Feelings Bite the bullet and gently tell your partner that you want to rekindle the romance or have more fun together, or find more time for each other. I am not in love anymore

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I am not in love anymore

I am not in love anymore

I am not in love anymore

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    Establish or Re-Establish a Firm Foundation If your relationship is not built on a strong foundation of commitment , common goals and mutual respect, it will be difficult to overcome the impasse you are feeling. Do you explore the dead feelings? Your partner is not as much fun.

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    When you name what you are feeling, it is easier to fix it. The problem? It was the subtle signals she was sending that I didn't realize.

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