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Breeding and Satisfying the Virgin Sex Slave: Pregnancy in the Secluded Basement - Free Audiobook

Capture and train virgin sex slave

She was told to climb on. She gagged as the cock hit the back of her mouth, but a furious tug on her ponytail angled her head and the cock slid into the hilt. Her tongue was pulled through her huge ring gag and nailed onto the shelf. They showed her to a small adjoining room where there was a dressing table and a mirror. The source added that the militants preferred virgins and did not concen themselves over married or pregnant women. She was naked, and strapped in a hog tie position, with her legs bent at the knees, strapped to her thighs, and her arms bent at the elbows and tied to her back. What would her father think of her when he saw the tape? Emma and Matt cuddled as the video continued. The man in front used the knife to cut her bra away, and then cut circles in her blouse so her bare breasts pointed out. Her long hair hung down her back. There was so much cum in her mouth, she thought she was drowning. Tell me about it. Emma was a year-old virgin who looked stunning in her black knee length riding boots, tight cream jodhpurs, and tailored black riding jacket. She could feel the other dildo in her cunt being squeezed by this latest intrusion into her body. Capture and train virgin sex slave

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Capture and train virgin sex slave

Capture and train virgin sex slave

Capture and train virgin sex slave

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    She fell into the arms of the man behind who picked her up and they ran towards the house. He was reluctant to stop, but knew better than to disobey. She was left like this over night.

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