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Bisexual couples videos

Angela was whispering something in her ear that startled her. I messaged them straight away. That would break her heart. I looked down to see the hottest thing. She came over and helped Angela. But I knew I could never act on this feeling. I took my cock out and masturbated until I released the tension that was building up. She took my wife into the other room and when they came back I knew what was next. She was in heaven. Then I heard muffled sounds. He started masturbating his cock and we both had our mouths open like to little baby sparrows waiting for our turn to be fed. They both were fighting to have a piece of my cock. Bisexual couples videos

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Bisexual couples videos

Bisexual couples videos

Bisexual couples videos

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    She pushed me down and took my cock out and started sucking it. I was fucking his wife my wife was fucking me and here was Steve standing over his wife and I was sucking that magnificent cock. K with it.

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    I would check out everyman that would walk buy and kept thinking how good his cock would feel in my mouth. He started bucking and I felt the first wave hit the top of my mouth.

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