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Strip clubs near milwaukee. Silk Exotic Milwaukee Gentlemen's Club.

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Strip clubs near milwaukee

Owner Craig Ploetz, is showing off his newest strip club that has been years in the making. While people might disagree about the club, it is now open and up to patrons to decide if it will continue to stay that way. The measure passed on a vote, with the majority of near-downtown Aldermen voting against. Silk Exotic The location is opening following a seven-year battle. What adds increasing intrigue is the addition of a new player. Just as then, the laws still allow for strip clubs to operate in the city per zoning regulations. We're very excited to share this with the City of Milwaukee," Ploetz said. The final touches are being made to Silk Exotic's new downtown location: Silk Exotic held its grand opening on Thursday, May At the end of the day the city gets new tax revenue and another empty building off the market, and residents get a new legal entertainment option they can choose to go to or ignore completely. The drama surrounding the approval process in recent weeks has been summed up neatly by our friends at Urban Milwaukee , but the quick recap is as follows: Strip clubs near milwaukee

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Strip clubs near milwaukee

Strip clubs near milwaukee

Strip clubs near milwaukee

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    The measure passed on a vote, with the majority of near-downtown Aldermen voting against.

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