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Nigerians react to presidential election - Punch


Negative growth is forecast to give way to positive GDP growth of between one per cent and 2. Currently, a massive and fierce military operation is going on in Zamfara State to neutralise the activities of bandits who have been sacking communities and killing innocent people, and the security outfits have been deployed to safeguard lives and property. Wake me up when they decide to sell weapons to us. The collective demonization of any ethnic group because of the misguided behaviour or conduct of criminals is improper and no responsible government will ever do so. Today, the Community offers a range of cut-offs mm: The Presidency dismisses the wicked and unfounded conclusion by a media house that President Muhammadu Buhari is sympathetic to the activities of violent herdsmen, and has been indifferent to their atrocities. In recent years, enhancement made to the Community included speed and functionality upgrades and the addition of high specification model called magnum. While the previous government was reporting — and celebrating — growth rates of six to seven per cent between and , unemployment was actually rising, hitting 25 per cent in The unfortunate Nigerians were always lured into harmful and unsafe journeys, with high likelihood of death or slavery. Goss Community[ edit ] Introduced in , the Goss community began life as a single unit sitting on top of a reel stand. The question to ask the newspaper is simple: Is it out of place to warn of the dangers of such wrong decisions? Nigeriapunch

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