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Little girls spanking. News videos.

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Gee and Ruth Laad. Ruth getting spanked.

Little girls spanking

Spanking doesn't teach kids to reason effectively and discipline themselves, but rather that discipline is transactional. This defence is laid down in section 58 Children Act , but it is not defined in this legislation. Instead it trains children to wager the odds that they'll get caught, rather than whether what they're doing is right. Michelle Castillo. Many in the pro-spanking camp cite the fact that plenty of people have been spanked as children and turned out just fine. Dyan Hes, who works with Gramercy Pediatrics, suggested to CBS News that positive reinforcement, limited use of time outs and discussing bad behavior could be other options. While controlled studies documenting spanking are obviously limited, the science has come to a clear conclusion: Mr Barry White, defending, said his client thought he was entitled to discipline the girl, who had been naughty, but accepts he hit her too hard. He said he would benefit from working with the probation service to improve his attitude to parenting. And if you note that it's because spanking is easier than actually having to treat your child like a human being, you might want to consider whether you have the temperament to be a parent. Like us on Facebook. You thought that being in a parental position entitled you to do that. When the child was 5, 52 percent of mothers and 33 percent of fathers spanked their kids. Parents should also take a breather before resorting to spanking their children. Little girls spanking

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Little girls spanking

Little girls spanking

Little girls spanking

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