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Amalapuram Town - Fish Market - Capital of Konaseema East Godavari

East godavari capital

Twitter History The history of East Godavari district like the rest of Andhra, may be traced to the period of the Nandas. They converted it into a jail in and, then, elevated it to a central jail in The district of East Godavari was then included in Golconda, which had become one of the twenty-two provinces of the Mughal Empire. Kumaragiri fought many wars with the Racherlas of Rachakonda and the Kalinga rulers. He started a monthly magazine, Vivekavardhini, and a school for girls at Dowleswaram in For sometime, after the death of Anavota Nayaka in A. Komarigiri died a premature death. He was succeeded by his son, Bindusara B. With the accession of Rajendra under the title of Kulottunga I, an eastern Chalukyan prince and a rival of Vijayaditya VII, to the Chola throne, this district along with the rest of the Vengi kingdom became a province of the Chola empire. During British rule, Rajahmundry was the headquarters of Godavari district, which was further bifurcated into East Godavari and West Godavari districts in The family deity of these families is venugopala swamy and are vaishnavas. Muthangi Buchiramayya garu, Zamindar of Nandigama. These rulers were known as Chalukya-Cholas. East godavari capital

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East godavari capital

East godavari capital

East godavari capital

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    The earliest known ruler of the dynasty was Maharaja Sakthivarman. For sometime, after the death of Anavota Nayaka in A. He had three sons who ruled for a period of 40 years and later they were reduced to submission by the Reddies of Kondaveedu and their principality was merged in the kingdom of Kondaveedu.

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