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Off the beaten track italy. Book your trip.

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Trastevere, Rome in a Day: Hidden Gems & Top Attractions

Off the beaten track italy

Lenno Photo: You can enjoy a casual stroll between the three and visit them before noshing down on all the gelato below. Language and locals Italians do not all speak English, although many have learnt it at school. The most spectacular thing about Matera are certainly the ancient settlements in the caves but even without them, Matera is still an unusual and striking place, one which is certainly worth visiting. During a crisp November day, with snow-capped mountains really showing off the bright colours of the houses here, I felt like I had all of Varenna to myself. If you travel off the beaten path in Italy, you will find spots with much fewer tourists and see more true local flavour. Walk around the small streets, take a vaporetto ride like a water bus or maybe consider a gondola ride. But opening hours may be limited and seasonal. Procida Procida is an island only 1. Watch the video below for more tips. Off the beaten track italy

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Off the beaten track italy

Off the beaten track italy

Off the beaten track italy

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  1. Zolokazahn says:

    This small village has just a couple of restaurants, but we found a fantastic 4-bedroom house here for the night at a crazy price, where Gianni, the owner welcomed us like long lost friends by popping open Prosseco and sharing insider travel secrets of the region. It was certainly clear that we were off the beaten path in Italy!

  2. Kegore says:

    A coastal town that lies around mid-way between Rome and Naples, the sea grotto here which dates back to Roman times is the main draw. It has everything Tuscany has — beaches, vineyards, hill towns — at about half the price and a quarter the tourists. As a lot of international visitors to Italy stick to the north, the south, in general, provides a more affordable beach destination.

  3. Dok says:

    Castelluccio is one of the oldest villages on the peninsula and it has remained relatively unchanged for over 1, years. It is still a hard-working seadog, but its Porto Antico portoantico. There are lots of reasons for heading off the beaten track, and Italy is a great country to do it in, since it is so full of picturesque villages, art-filled provincial galleries, excellent local restaurants and glorious natural scenery.

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