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Not the girl you think you are. Special offers and product promotions.

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Crowded House - Not the girl you think you are - Guitar lesson by Joe Murphy

Not the girl you think you are

And you could see them all reeling. But everyone chooses their own path and in some ways I've made my life difficult for myself because I was trying to have my cake and eat it too, but it's worked out brilliantly. When we put that down in the studio it was late one night and we'd had a few at that point and it was the first take. Not recently. I think if you do embrace the rock'n'roll lifestyle with the clubs and fashion shows and models and so on, there's not a lot to write about in that world. Do you feel like you are Uncle Neil? I hope so, it felt like that to me at the time. I like to incorporate different events into the one thing, the formula of truth and reality and in-between is different for every song, but there's always an element of all three. Self-referencing you mean? I think they do. Me and Paul [Hester] just played the rhythm track on our own for the sake of ease. Not the girl you think you are

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Not the girl you think you are

Not the girl you think you are

Not the girl you think you are

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  1. Jugami says:

    The main thing is to be open to the people and places you are, and that could be anywhere.

  2. Kizragore says:

    I spoke to Richard Thompson recently and he said he was always trying to write a piece of music that would mean something to someone's life.

  3. Nakasa says:

    I'm at sea, but the best comes out when you are out of your comfort zone.

  4. Maushicage says:

    I Got You from 's True Colours? I feel good. Neil Finn:

  5. Vunris says:

    Of course it's hard for me to see it in the way anyone else sees it, but the tracks which pleased me the most are the ones I was least fussy about and just happened with a band in a room in a kind of old fashioned but wonderful way. There's an awkwardness for people close to you if people are reading it like that.

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