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Drew estate liga privada no 9. M. Shanken Communications.

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60 SECOND CIGAR REVIEW - Liga Privada No. 9 - Should I Smoke This?

Drew estate liga privada no 9

The flavor is medium-full, body is medium-plus and strength is medium-plus. And why shouldn't it? Cigars for this review were purchased by halfwheel. Transport is not friendly to cigars. The bourbon notes pick up dramatically as the Liga Privada No. They were dry, harsh and quite boring. The nose has a lot of molasses before it finishes with dry crackers and a bit of black pepper. The bands also resemble the type of industrial labels found in distillation plants and tasting laboratories, thus emphasizing the notion of Ligas being intended for internal consumption. Construction remains great, save for the normal wearing smoke production as I get closer to the half-inch mark. In addition to the obvious, the warning labels make the boxes look incredibly cheap. Brazil Wrapper: Drew estate liga privada no 9

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Drew estate liga privada no 9

Drew estate liga privada no 9

Drew estate liga privada no 9

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  1. Votaxe says:

    The cold draw provides a lot of dry bubble gum, black pepper, nuttiness and some oranges. The look and story behind Liga Privadas intrigued cigar smokers everywhere, but so did the cigar itself.

  2. Taulkis says:

    Let this be a good lesson in why we avoid reviewing cigars right off the truck and why I am a believer that you should try to let cigars rest for a few weeks after shipping.

  3. Mikasa says:

    Liga Privada No. Each one is a dark and ominous shade that can go from dark brown to an oily black.

  4. Morisar says:

    One sample needs a touch-up, while the other two are burning fine. That was also three weeks ago and it seems that a bit of customary rest has done the cigars wonder. In this case, I was genuinely curious to see what this tasted like and smoked two before the review was assigned to me.

  5. Grojin says:

    Brazil Wrapper: Construction remains great, save for the normal wearing smoke production as I get closer to the half-inch mark.

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