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Fred Phelps on Bible Black Revival

Bible black revival

The teacher admits that his father has it. The bank robber leader chanting. She repeats his chant and proceeds to violently rape the still present female clerk. Aki points him to a greenhouse up a hill and says the girl suddenly walked off when they arrived. It is not exactly clear what the bank robbers ' precise role and objectives are. Desperate for even more of Hiratani's attention, Nami goes to Hiroko and her friends one day after school and begs them to use their magic to make Hiratani love her forever. One detective is baffled by the fact that the male's body is burned to a crisp, but the girl is completely intact. As the police officers make their way downstairs, Yamanishi spots Imari and decides to follow her back to the roof. The man himself went missing six months ago after going on a ruin excavation. Act Four On the city streets, Aki and Imari discuss Yoshitani , the teacher who burned to death on the school roof. Once there, Aki tries to fight the robber, but is knocked unconscious against the restroom wall. One of the headlines on the paper on the bench next to Aki reads 'Bizarre Murders Continue'. He asks her why she knows about the Spear of Longinus , the lance that pierced the flesh of Jesus Christ WP when he was crucified. She casts a powerful bolt of magic that hits the roof's swimming pool. Bank staff is inexplicably forced into sex by the bank robbers. Nami gives the thugs permission to gang-rape Reika while she and the group prepare for the ritual, so long as they only engage in anal intercourse with her, thus keeping her virginity intact. Bible black revival

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Bible black revival

Bible black revival

Bible black revival

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