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What to do to get a girl to like you. 1) Have your own life.

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HOW TO GET A GIRL TO LIKE YOU IN HINDI - How to impress a girl in hindi

What to do to get a girl to like you

Let me give you an example, after asking basic stuff about her school or university you can ask what made her decide to attend college there. That is different from pretending to be someone different. In reality, there's really not many things you can say that will instantly turn on a girl. Girls like a guy with drive. The Power of Confident Truth In most cases, the best thing to say is the truth. What are some things to say to a get a girl to like you? Why do you need to do this sooner rather than later? Touching her elbow while crossing the street, helping her put on her coat, putting your arm around her shoulders when she's upset; these are all safe. The Novel effect is a great way to get a girl to like you over texts because almost everyone has their own texting style. Talk her through her problems and sympathize with her. Tell her how well she plays the guitar. In my opinion, what really matters is the girl that you're chasing. Being too preoccupied with her, using every single opportunity to touch her, showering her with too many compliments, and cracking enough jokes to rival a stand up comedian can all ruin your chances with a girl. Some girls find the smell of cigarette smoke or strong cologne offensive. Bonus points if you can take her to see her favorite artists live. Be extremely nice to them. Tip 4: What to do to get a girl to like you

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What to do to get a girl to like you

What to do to get a girl to like you

What to do to get a girl to like you

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  1. Zululrajas says:

    Improve your hygiene. This is a very effective guy trick only if done right.

  2. JoJoshicage says:

    You don't want to creep her out by randomly pulling out her chair in the cafeteria if she barely knows you!

  3. Dizuru says:

    If you happen to have common friends, get them to introduce the two of you and take it from there. Giving her space allows her the time she needs to miss you and think about you. So she knows who you are.

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