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How to deal with an unexpected breakup. Watch Next.

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Relationship Advice : How to Overcome Breakups

How to deal with an unexpected breakup

Generally, one person wants to be friends and the other wants to be more. Fisher's research shows that the negative brain activity people experience after a breakup slowly goes away, but even one e-mail or phone call could stop your recovery in its tracks by wounding you further. This will give you that extra push you need to move forward in your grieving process. Remember that people who experience or perceive rejection attack their own self-esteem, according to Winch, so you need to fight back against any confusion or resentment you're feeling now with activities that will improve your feelings of self-worth, rather than lower them further. Grieve In Moderation You need to take care of your mind as well as your body. Work on good habits like eating vegetables, fruits and fiber instead of under- or overeating to cope with your feelings of loss and rejection. On other days, you wonder if that lame excuse is really as deep as it gets, and you hurt over the idea that you must not have meant much that much to him if he could walk away over something that trivial. Confusing, I know. Take baths. I've been through serious breakups before, but that was when both parties could see it had ended for good. How to deal with an unexpected breakup

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How to deal with an unexpected breakup

How to deal with an unexpected breakup

How to deal with an unexpected breakup

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