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Advice for a new bride. Funny advice for marriage.

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First Night Tips -- Wedding Series -- December Daily Dose -- DDD Day 3

Advice for a new bride

Men need to feel respected. Sometimes you will find that sleep will solve the little problems that seemed big at the time all by itself. Take out your best china, silverware and glassware and use it. Always remember to compliment each other and date each other often, because whatever it took to get him you will need to do that in order to keep him!! It might be as easy as buying popsicles as a surprise. You get to feel like you are blowing off steam and fighting but again, you walk away still feeling good about each other and no one has their feelings hurt. Date each other and have fun! Congratulations and Blessings to you both! Show off that ring and try to remember every detail of the proposal. Coulkes who play together, always stay together! Good luck. Advice for a new bride

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Advice for a new bride

Advice for a new bride

Advice for a new bride

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  1. Kigagami says:

    No day is too busy for each other. But every bit of these 17 years makes it all worth it!

  2. Melar says:

    Your spouse is always more important than your schedule. Often times, these little defining moments are the best part about being married. Journal about the experience.

  3. Mezishakar says:

    And too often we are more worried about having the last word. It requires patience.

  4. Nar says:

    Instead, help each other diminish that annoyance. Do not try to talk to him during sports highlights.

  5. Gulabar says:

    We always carve out time each day between shuttling children to practices, church actives, and homework. That said pray together everynight before bed and kiss and say I love you. Instead, help each other diminish that annoyance.

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