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Harry Potter Leavesden Studio Tour cast & crew press conference

Cast and crew of harry potter

David Heyman, producer, HP We had a November release date before we had a movie. I was still referring to that map 10 years later on the eighth film. Family entertainment was not at the centre of film culture in the way it is now. Nisha Parti, production consultant, HP1: Rupert is the coolest bloke I know. We had a commitment to make the first two films back to back, but it was a really tight schedule. I don't know where I got the energy to do four of them. I was a little concerned when he talked about making it as a Bollywood film, but I see what he meant — it has this big, theatrical feel. I've known Emma since she was nine; we're like brother and sister. Each Friday, we'd decide what everyone would read over the weekend. He never takes a breath. It got to the stage where we thought we were never going to find our Harry. That's really significant. Cast and crew of harry potter

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Cast and crew of harry potter

Cast and crew of harry potter

Cast and crew of harry potter

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    For the very last shot, Dan, Rupert and Emma had to run and jump and throw themselves on to this giant blue mat. Jo never let us know what would happen in the end. He fires you up.

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    I was so worried I was going to mess it up, but I ended up really enjoying myself. He had an innate understanding of British schools, their anarchy, their humour. I went to the theatre and I noticed this boy in the audience — he had big eyes, and seemed to be an old soul in a young body.

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    I felt a bit lost.

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