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How not to treat a woman. Woman smiling.

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How to Keep a Girl Happy (In a relationship) ♥

How not to treat a woman

Take initiative. Be that one guy that's different from all the rest and treats her with respect. DO NOT be like everyone else. There are no excuses. It amazes me to this day what little details my husband can pick up from my daily nuances. It is all about compromise. So save us both some time. Strategies and Conclusion 6. See, I have a strong independent mother and I look at her with respect and even if my dad really didn't teach me, I taught myself. Every girl is a dime if you know how to extract her potential. You need to build up her trust. Build a healthy foundation. The grass always looks greener on the other side, you never know what you have until it is gone. This simple ten step process will help you to remember how to treat a woman the right way. How not to treat a woman

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How not to treat a woman

How not to treat a woman

How not to treat a woman

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  1. Gardagis says:

    I jut don't get it. I wanted to become that ideal man. See my mother taught me, that I shouldn't be the reason why a girl cried and if I was that I better bust my ass to make everything right.

  2. Negul says:

    My mother taught me that as a man, I should walk on the outside of the road and the woman on the inside so that in case a car got to close the woman would be safe. Even if that is not the case, building trust takes time.

  3. Neshakar says:

    How do they learn when the music that they listen to tells them that all women should be treated like hoes? Be Respectful. Are you still not convinced of the dangers of unprotected sex?

  4. Kagarisar says:

    Show her you appreciate her time by freeing it up for her.

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