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Obama needs to be removed from office. NEWSLETTERS.

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Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas

Obama needs to be removed from office

In less than two years, he has wrecked an Atlantic alliance that every president has defended and advanced since the Second World War, and that Obama nurtured. Any attempt to accuse him of treason is extremely unlikely, in my opinion. The U. War correspondent Dexter Filkins, who had all but given up in Iraq when he was last there just two years earlier, could not believe the improvement: If he has to separate children from parents, describe humans as animals, and turn Christians into pagans, he will not blink. Farenthold said that he thinks that "the House is already out of the barn on this, on the whole birth certificate issue. Richard invades the dreams of others, just as Trump insinuates his sickness into our unconscious. Shrewdly navigating this divide, they were both also profoundly underestimated. Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer -- voted for hundreds of miles of barriers and fencing. Obama believed he could draw a line under torture, leave the CIA alone and somehow quarantine the barbarism. Obama needs to be removed from office

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Obama needs to be removed from office

Obama needs to be removed from office

Obama needs to be removed from office

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  1. Tygolkree says:

    What sort of crime can lead to impeachment? There is no escaping him, no force as powerful as his will to lonely power. What they have in common, however, is striking.

  2. Zulular says:

    The first step is impeachment.

  3. Akit says:

    Coburn mentioned no evidence that substantiated his belief. That means that when the Republicans took control of Congress after the midterms, Clinton was in the same position as Trump will presumably be staring next January, running for reelection while facing a hostile House. The words of Scripture are ashen in his mouth, his marriage is over after the death of a child, and his journal marks a slow and painstaking drift into despair.

  4. Taukree says:

    Coburn mentioned no evidence that substantiated his belief. John McCain and Rep.

  5. Neshakar says:

    By getting out of Iraq, and reaching out to Tehran, as well as maintaining our links to Jerusalem and the Saudi theocracy, the U.

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