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Can peanut shells be composted. Peanuts Make for Good Compost.

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Kitchen Waste Compost Preparation: Using Groundnut shells in Composting

Can peanut shells be composted

Soak them for at least twelve hours or overnight. Many people also enjoy eating peanuts roasted in the shell, and although the shells are edible too, they are usually discarded. Composting is simply the product of controlled biological decomposition of organic material, according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board. That's thanks to their tightly intertwined cellulose tissues, according to Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Instead of wasting those shells, put them to use in your garden by adding them to your compost pile. The fact that you tried something and nothing bad happened the first year is no guarantee of its wisdom, and I can't get those blight pictures out of my mind. Is this true? It Takes Awhile, Though One drawback of putting peanut shells in your compost is that they break down slowly. I am making compost according to your instructions and don't use any chemical fertilizers. They are nitrogen rich and not all carbon, so they will cause none of the problems of wood mulch and sawdust, like plant starvation and nuisance molds. Now we get to mulch. A potential source is nearby and I noticed that peanut hulls were listed as an ingredient in a tomato container mix I used successfully years ago. So it is with some regret that I suggest our Southern listeners compost their shells and find another mulch—like the finished peanut hull-containing compost, which all sources agree is no longer suspect. I might. Heck, no; you get a summer as hot and wet as they get in St. It seems to me that the peanut hulls would be similar to wood chips or bark and "wood" pardon my pun therefore be a No-No. Thank you for all your great info; I currently support two public radio stations! Can peanut shells be composted

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Can peanut shells be composted

Can peanut shells be composted

Can peanut shells be composted

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  1. Mezizshura says:

    When there's not enough carbon in your compost pile, the materials in your heap won't break down as quickly, which can cause the microorganisms to die.

  2. Brataur says:

    A gardening friend has told me that decomposed peanut hulls make an excellent compost for tomatoes.

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