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Vulva meaning in punjabi. Multilingual Dictionary Translation.

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Vulva meaning in punjabi

Once the circulating volume has been restored, investigations are performed to identify the source of bleeding and address it. Abnormal endometrium may have to be investigated by a hysteroscopy with a biopsy or a dilation and curettage. Premenopausal women[ edit ] Most unusual bleeding or irregular bleeding metrorrhagia in premenopausal women is caused by changes in the hormonal balance of the body. In recently pregnant women who have delivered or who have had a miscarriage, vaginal bleeding may be a sign of endometritis or retained products of conception. Eliminating the cause will resolve the anemia, although some women require iron supplements or blood transfusions to improve the anemia. Postmenopausal bleeding[ edit ] In postmenopausal bleeding, guidelines from the United States consider transvaginal ultrasonography to be an appropriate first-line procedure to identify which women are at higher risk of endometrial cancer. In an emergency or acute setting, vaginal bleeding can lead to hypovolemia. These changes are not pathological. The cause of the bleeding can often be discerned on the basis of the bleeding history, physical examination, and other medical tests as appropriate. Bleeding in early pregnancy may be a sign of a threatened or incomplete miscarriage. Bleeding in children[ edit ] Bleeding before the expected time of menarche could be a sign of precocious puberty. It is due to a hormonal imbalance, and symptoms can be managed by use of hormonal contraception although hormonal contraception does not treat the underlying cause of the imbalance. Withdrawal bleeding occurs when a hormonal contraceptive or other hormonal intake is discontinued. Typically a pregnancy test is performed as well. Exceptionally heavy bleeding during menstruation is termed menorrhagia or hypermenorrhea, while light bleeding is called hypomenorrhea. Vulva meaning in punjabi

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Vulva meaning in punjabi

Vulva meaning in punjabi

Vulva meaning in punjabi

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    It the endometrial thickness equals the cut-off threshold or is thinner, and the ultrasonography is otherwise reassuring, no further action need be taken. Further investigations should be carried out if symptoms recur.

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