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How to grow long natural hair. Reader Interactions.

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How to Grow LONG, HEALTHY, & THICK Natural Hair

How to grow long natural hair

Because oils can leave a residue on hair, he says to apply it to damp hair, leave it on for 10 minutes, then shampoo and condition like normal. Handle the ends of your hair gently since they are weakest. I have also come to understand over the years, that what influences natural Afro hair growth and hair loss is the health of the hair follicle. For more information on maintaining a healthy hair routine, visit the article called: Get Started. Hair is especially susceptible to breakage when it's wet, but if you absolutely must get some knots out post-shower, make sure to use a brush that will go easy on your strands. Go Get it! Eating foods that are hair friendly will help in adding length to your hair. Eggs Remember when we said that the hair is made of protein and it needs some more protein to grow? Before you begin taking supplements, you should speak to your doctor first. Males have a built-in genetic advantage when it comes to hair growth. Cassia works to grow strengthen natural hair. Use plain water or vinegar to rinse off the egg mixture. How to grow long natural hair

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How to grow long natural hair

How to grow long natural hair

How to grow long natural hair

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  1. Tojakora says:

    Even though I do agree that Biotin helps with hair growth, my advice is to first concentrate on eating a healthy and balanced diet.

  2. Vudolabar says:

    They are more prone to getting damaged which is why you should take extra measures to protect them. So avoid buying brushes meant for straight hair as they will only cause damage.

  3. Kazilkis says:

    Eat the right food If your aim is growing long natural hair , then you would have to watch what you eat. It would be uncommon to have a maximum hair growing length of less than a foot.

  4. Akinotaur says:

    The growth is promoted by improved food intake and strengthened the hair.

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