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Entertainment earth near me. Latest Stories.

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Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droids - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Entertainment earth near me

Save yourself the awful experience and headaches, and conduct your business with a company who offers transparency, is honest, and is not competing with its own wholesale customers to make a profit. Sales data has its place in his acquisitions strategy, but much of his decision-making is driven by experience and gut instinct. I learned of this, the hard way, after I had purchased thousands of dollars in merchandise and had them shipped to me, via USPS services. With a dial-up modem, a brain filled with sci-fi facts, and an early understanding of the message board system Usenet, he set out to monetize his expertise on Star Wars toys. He said that management agreed to honor returns for future purchases only if I would opt to ship via FedEx, which is much more costlier than USPS which is already costly to begin with. It seems like every company is making He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys with vintage packaging right now, for what it's worth. That means lots of those Batman statues, but some more off-beat and independent stuff, too. The big retail's demise could wind up helping Entertainment Earth, but it's mostly a bummer to Pawlus — beyond any business concerns, he just loves toys. This is the year's largest toy industry event, with companies from across the world pitching their wares, and Pawlus is the target audience. He tries to give feedback when he's shown early models from companies like Hasbro; he told them, for example, that no one was going to like a weirdly sized Millennium Falcon from the Solo line. If he wore his own tag, it'd identify him as the buyer — and official Toy Evangelist — for Entertainment Earth , one of the biggest e-commerce retailers in the geek space. With the hardcore guys, they get bored by things and then they end up being huge sellers, because it's good for an entry level person. For these reasons, I immediately closed my account with EE and have taken my business elsewhere to another very reputable and cheaper wholesaler. When I asked my former sales rep, Gilad, the reason for this, he claimed that the items may have been on sale. Walking around the floor of the Javits Center with his buyer pass around his neck would be the equivalent of wearing a neon "open for business" sign, inviting toy manufacturers and indie merchandise companies to pitch him at every turn. Entertainment Earth Similarly, the glut of Star Wars toys — his own personal bread and butter and the focus of his blog, GalacticHunter. Entertainment earth near me

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Entertainment earth near me

Entertainment earth near me

Entertainment earth near me

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    That one was a bit of a gamble, because it's becoming increasingly difficult to sell toys to little kids — the big margins are in apps, and with Toys 'R' Us out of the picture, a big entry point for discovery is now unavailable. I think I'm often more in a position to say 'you should make this, you should make that' than they are.

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