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Doctoradventure. Product Description.

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You have managed to collect 3 by the time the game begins. Or you can be too descriptive and bore the listener. Pressing the 'K' key will display the number of keys you currently have. You are able to pick nets up by running over them. It feels as though people are becoming too impatient and their attention span is far too short to sit back and enjoy something set in the theatre of the mind. You will not be disappointed!! Posted on June 7, by anniesbookstopworcester As the first series of audio adventures starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as the Fourth Doctor and Leela draw to a close, it would appear that Big Finish has saved the best for last… …well. You can use this to your advantage when exploring their lair. Pressing the 'P' key will display the number of parts you currently have collected. The format of the radio play has become a lost art form. Doctoradventure

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    In the case of Fourth Doctor Adventure 1. What listeners will be rewarded with is a really great adventure, starring a marvelous supporting cast and a cliffhanger worthy of the Fourth Doctor Era.

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    You are able to pick nets up by running over them.

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