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What is INTIMIDATION? What does INTIMIDATION mean? INTIMIDATION meaning, definition & explanation

How to use the word intimidating

Lydia Larkin! The formal gesture, chivalrous and yet intimidating, was like a bucket of cold water thrown over Constance's confidence. While nothing makes quite the same statement as a full body tattoo, the look itself can intimidate many people and make it hard to compete in the corporate job market. Ashworth conceded he could find no authority actually binding on me. He had developed a fearsome reputation for intimidating people. The dance teacher was very boisterous when I met her, leaving anintimidating first impression. Its near presence is rather overpowering and intimidating yet it is softened by the verdant greenery around its base. His very stance could be intimidating, standing with his head lowered, bull-like. He wasn't the first to use that tactic to intimidate her. Without this intimidating ring of fire the herd might easily smash its way out. I'd guess he'll think twice now before intimidating Ms. The bulk of the mound towered over Mungo, intimidating him. You practically needed a stepladder to get their autographs, and their sheer size and strength was intimidating and overwhelming. Your name: No means of intimidating the jurors was neglected, and in the then state of public feeling a verdict was hardly to be expected. How to use the word intimidating

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How to use the word intimidating

How to use the word intimidating

How to use the word intimidating

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