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How to block someone on pof. About the Author.

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How to block someone on pof

On the apps, it can be found in the drop down menu when viewing the message. You can use a service from unblocksit. Here, I am revealing something unusual concerning the feature of POF. There may be various reasons for doing so. So I send a message on here and she blocks me as well. To block another POF user: Jenny Hansen PlentyofFish users can block other users from contacting them. No explanation, nothing. The text says "Report User". Click on Search in the POF navigation bar at the top of your screen. For those who are not aware, a profile of your account consists of the pictures you put in and your information description which you had put while creating your account. Click the big Send Message button. PlentyofFish is one of the only online dating sites where everything is free including forums, personality matching surveys and messaging. If a user has blocked you: To do this, just go to menu bar and scroll down to the block option. How to block someone on pof

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How to block someone on pof

How to block someone on pof

How to block someone on pof

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    Craigslist is full of people who would sell you an IMEI blocked phone. In this way you can easily hide your profile. Try Match.

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    Scroll down the bottom where you will find three options, Block User,.

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    There may be various reasons for doing so.

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