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Exciting questions to ask a guy. Introduction.

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31+ Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Exciting questions to ask a guy

Do you think you can read my mind? An easily printable PDF version of the first 50 questions to ask a guy. What is society doing now that in 20 years will be laughed at and ridiculed? Using one word, how would you describe your family? For example, if he chooses something in red then he wants to see your wild side. What would be the absolute best pet to have? Would you rather go to a club, house party, or a small get together of 4 or 5 friends? Which fictional villain is your favorite? Are you naughty or nice? Ask an interesting question that fits the audience Make sure your audience is the sort that will like these types of questions, and then tailor those questions to the audience. What is your biggest regret in life so far? What is your all-time favorite movie? Are you of the naughty or nice variety? What part of your body would you replace with an improved mechanical version? Who is your favorite author? What is the worst pet you have ever had? Exciting questions to ask a guy

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Exciting questions to ask a guy

Exciting questions to ask a guy

Exciting questions to ask a guy

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    A strange question and yet one, when people think about it, likely to lead to some interesting answers. Have you ever been kissed like you blew the top off your head?

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