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What is a sexy picture. Editors' Picks.

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What is a sexy picture

This is not the Playboy mansion and you are not the May centerfold no offense. Sexy AND classy. This week, UndHER World is taking down the taboo of lingerie through personal stories, shoppable roundups, and a closer look at what lies underneath. Here's the catch: Add some sexy heels to really drive your partner crazy. While we're arguably more in control of and confident about our sexuality than ever, there's still so much we don't know about female arousal. Shadows on a collarbone can be infinitely more seductive than a straight-on tit shot. Get an app like Photo Vault or Photo Locker so you can save your steamy pics in a password protected folder. Go ahead and send a sexy pout with a suggestive bare shoulder, but if you're sending your bare butt or boobs leave any identifying parts of your face out. Polaroids that made every nudie look like a crime scene, or taking your photos to be developed. Fortunately, these days, thanks to smart phones, we don't have to involve a third party to get naughty for the camera. The entire world is over duckface. She is sitting in a "dining" type chair in the living room. What is a sexy picture

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What is a sexy picture

What is a sexy picture

What is a sexy picture

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    It worked, but it means that now I live with the knowledge every day that somewhere out there is a former Target employee who probably still has photos of my teenage side boob.

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    If you take it, assume everyone will see it. And guess what?

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    Check out more here.

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