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Slanted bob hairstyles. Trendy Medium Angled Bob with Layers.

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+50 Fantastic Angled Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2017 - 2018

Slanted bob hairstyles

Frizzies and flyaways only make this bob better by enhancing its texture. Purple-Pink Asymmetrical Bob Beautiful shades of magenta and violet enliven this sleek angled bob. Wavy Pastel Pink Bob A baby pink hue combined with wavy curls balances the edge of the angled hairdo with a feminine sensibility. This article will detail 40 angled bob cuts and give you insight as to why they are so hot and popular! Medium Golden Bob When it comes to angled bob hairstyles, pictures of the side view are the most inspiring. This look is beautiful on square face shapes, because the length extends past the jaw line and elongates the face. This is a angled sleek bob. Also, it gives the appearance of thicker hair! A very steep angle shoots down and towards the front, while the smooth nape features the flaring line of the back. Blonde Balayage Bob Brighten your brown bob with a subtle balayage. Next time you want to refresh your medium-length haircut, be sure to visit your stylist and have them give you one of these chic new looks! Source 4: Babylights surely add a plus to this look because even as the hair grows, the color will still look fresh and the roots will blend smoothly in the length. Their mesmerizing texture transforms a would-be-blah coif into something full of volume and feminine style. The length is just past the jaw, so you can wear it pulled back or simply down. In order to keep the hair soft and shiny, I recommend oil and heat protection to moisturize the hair and protect it against heat. If you want to make a statement, team the bleached tresses with pastel highlights and ample volume. Slanted bob hairstyles

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Slanted bob hairstyles

Slanted bob hairstyles

Slanted bob hairstyles

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    Because it features the collar-bone length, it does not curl off at the jaw line. Blonde Balayage Bob Brighten your brown bob with a subtle balayage.

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    I painted on some Schwarzkopf Blonde Me bleach and texturized the hair with scissors and razor. A cut like this accentuates the chin while squaring off the cheeks. Platinum Blonde Bob with Pink Highlights Platinum blonde is certainly eye-catching, especially on angled bob haircuts.

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    It gives a dynamic feeling and creates movement in the hair.

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    The sleek lines and fun colors are a timeless choice for someone trying to show off their edgier side, while still keeping the coif a little playful.

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