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Ideas for halloween carnival games. Sign up and save on your next order!.

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Homemade Carnival Games!

Ideas for halloween carnival games

It actually requires balance and problem solving, with a few spiders thrown in for excitement. The witching hour definitely calls for a wickedly fun party game. Amazon Affiliate Links. Pumpkin Golf Ever made a hole-in-one? Poke a Pumpkin — Put prizes inside orange cups with napkins rubber-banded over the tops. Talk about easy Halloween party games! This classic carnival game is a great party game AND great party decor! Bobbing for Apples All the excitement of bobbing without any of the water mess. There are coloring pages, activity mazes, word search sheets and photo booth props. The child who guesses the closest gets a prize! The game pieces are mini pumpkins! Ideas for halloween carnival games

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Ideas for halloween carnival games

Ideas for halloween carnival games

Ideas for halloween carnival games

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    Hide different food items behind a sheet, add a small slit, and let the little hands slip through and feel the spooky items.

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