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How to date online safely. Choose A Dating Site Wisely.

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How to stay safe when online dating

How to date online safely

If you feel at all suspicious that the person that you are talking to is perhaps not being truthful with their answers, or perhaps are hiding something from you, go with that gut feeling. Probably not. Never post any identifying details on your profile — including your address, phone number, or personal email. Here are five tips for how you can have a safe online dating experience. There are a lot of online dating scams out there and there are also many catfish. Basically, they prey on our natural instinct to help a loved one in need. One can certainly cultivate the fields of friends, family and coworkers for introductions to single men or women, but that can produce only a limited harvest. If you feel like you know enough about that person to meet up quickly, of course go ahead, but make sure that it is your choice. If they show concern, take that concern seriously. By the time you've been chatting for a few weeks, you'll feel you know him well even though you may actually know very little about him. People can create dream personas online. Who knows, if you follow my suggestions, you may also be like me and find your Mr Right and marry him at 50! If someone is pursuing you online, you have every right to ask as many questions as needed to put your mind at ease. How to date online safely

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How to date online safely

How to date online safely

How to date online safely

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    In fact, research suggests it's a sucker bet. Don't be shy, go for it! You can walk away at any time.

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    Popularity is a good indicator that a dating service is keeping members happy, be sure to read user reviews and try a few to compare services.

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    Trust your instincts.

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