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Gta san andreas top cheats. Most viewed videos.

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Top 5 Cheats - GTA San Andreas PC

Gta san andreas top cheats

The tank's not indestructible, but it is incredibly tough. The fenced in area is large enough to easily maneuver the Rhino for targeting choppers which always come in low, making them easy pickings , and the fences very effectively exclude hostile vehicles including military Rhinos. Just be careful what you edit and leave them as sane values to prevent glitches. When there are no cops under the bridge to shoot you, get out and shoot down the mavericks. Once one appears, use a rifle to get its attention and then lead it onto the door frame, where it can't enter. Deadly Wind This method requires you to never stop moving, and to kill all targets from a ground vehicle, using the drive-by method. The Minigun will be your best tool as it can be used for multiple purposes, from killing clumps of running pedestrians to destroying aircraft swiftly and easily, if you go for an on-foot method using the unlimited ammo cheat is a slight smart option here though costing you an initial 10 points for using a cheat having unlimited minigun or rocket launcher ammo can be very handy during your rampages. It happens often, helicopters blasted down can block your way out, if they don't come blasting right next to you. If GTA Cheats supports multiple languages you have listed here, it will use the one nearest the top, defaulting to English if none are supported. Weapons recommended: Tips to increase Rating The story-line missions can help a great deal as finishing them earns 5 points each. Single weapon without the ability to really aim, not to mention that higher levels will mean law enforcement swarming on the roads, and thus much higher chances to fall off your bike, be it because a cop busted you, or because of an obstacle, leaving your opponents with very clear shot at you. Remember, a checkpoint can be any safehouse, and any Pay'n'Spray. Gta san andreas top cheats

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Gta san andreas top cheats

Gta san andreas top cheats

Gta san andreas top cheats

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    Stand just outside the entrance door and wait until a Rhino appear This may take awhile.

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    This will keep the door open for you. Rotating to landscape would drastically increase the font size. Escape methods:

  3. Tasho says:

    Don't lose the Hyrda from your sight and be sure to stay close when it crashes into the water. On the other hand, if your shooting area is too high, you will have to rely on dropping explosives, or shooting their vehicles. This will keep the door open for you.

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    Pedestrian Harvest This method involves using the "vehicle of death" cheat vehicle invulnerability and instant NPC vehicle explosion upon contact with your vehicle which is similar to a Rhino's standard abilities, but with higher health. Always be sure to plan an escape route or you'll end up getting caught, use a car or a jetpack. It can be interesting to make a long one and do a big jump up to your stats, but unless you use mods or have a stats editor don't forget that dying can happen at any instant.

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    Better to take down a few and get away with it, than to do lots of casualties and die doing more. You can shoot the gun at helicopters too, if they fly low enough.

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