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Killing gophers with juicy fruit gum. Don’t Let The Gophers Laugh At You.

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Discusting lil kritters.. Kill Moles/Gopher in the Yard.. the Marine way

Killing gophers with juicy fruit gum

The main impact is the result of intense concussion within the tunnel. For me, they did not. A poisoned gopher eaten by a cat, dog, or fox will poison that animal as well. Therefore, it becomes the last thing which they eat. Human Pee I was told by another random person, that gophers are repulsed by human pee and will leave a garden where pee has been applied…not so for my gophers. Safer poisons use a bait laced with anticoagulants; internal bleeding kills the gopher painlessly, I'm told without endangering other animals. The next morning both can and trap were gone. Step 2: Here's a quick overview of the remedies for these rodents, but check with your local extension service on specifics that suit your area. Last time I checked, almost every state took action to permit them. She has had some success as evidenced, again, by the gopher feet. Maybe you would have better luck. Selecting A Solution For Controlling Gophers The following list of articles will provide details for selecting your best approach. But if you want to get rid of their toothy grin, the best idea is to tease them into your trap with it! The gophers did not eat the Juicy Fruit Gum that I put around their gopher tunnels. The burrows are always higher than the tunnel. Many agricultural agencies try to dissuade homeowners from expecting success with this. Killing gophers with juicy fruit gum

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Killing gophers with juicy fruit gum

Killing gophers with juicy fruit gum

Killing gophers with juicy fruit gum

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