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What to say when telling a girl you like her. What NOT To Say When You Are Pondering How To Tell A Girl You Like Her.

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What to say when telling a girl you like her

Do the opposite of what most guys would do. Even if it is a no. So before telling a girl you like her, you may want to first steer the conversation in that direction. Be open, be kind and genuine. Touching connects two people faster than talking, body language, and visual elements. You can arrange a meeting or pull her aside at a party — whatever you can do to ensure no one will be listening in on your conversation. Spend time with her to test the waters We usually hang out with people we like so, when you start spending time with her, she will get a hint that you like her company. Be understanding and kind, these are the things every girl likes in a man. When you remind her that you are thankful you are friends, this just keeps the door open for something more. She may just assume you want to meet up as friends. If you have to, you can ask her if you can hold her hand or put your arm around her. What to say when telling a girl you like her

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What to say when telling a girl you like her

What to say when telling a girl you like her

What to say when telling a girl you like her

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    They become either too emotional or too vague and detached. Get flirty!

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