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Being mean is so much fun. Our favorite pastime reveals a lot of psychological issues..

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Being mean is so much fun

They were, at that point, our closest friends and the first people we had told about the pregnancy, but there was something about that stuffed animal that was both touching and foreboding. Frankel approached the design through Julia's mentality, stating, "She's a Type A professional at the top of her game, who likes to play cat-and-mouse, so it's a completely controlled environment, with apertures and views into other rooms so she always knows what's going on". It isn't over-produced or shiny and digital in any way. Much like how the lack of oxygen in planes makes us tear up at the most improbable of romantic comedies, as that child grew within Anne into a living, true-blue thing instead of a discussed possibility, I lost interest in the sea glass and the battered plastic cans and the porous wood I''d been using all summer and was filled with the urge to paint something lovely for her. For them both. Worse yet, I had no anchor, no one to set me back on course. Costume designer Carol Ramsey worked with Frankel and set decorator Jan Pascale to match Harken's suit to that of the surrounding "cold grey and blue" color palette of his office. Frankel described the contrast as "the company reflects [Jack Pellitt's] human touch, whereas [Bobby Pellitt's] home is a shameless shrine to himself and his hedonistic appetites. I forced a smile. At x cm, The Blue Bear is an oil painting of the guest room in a friend''s rickety, draft-ridden house in Centerville, Cape Cod, where we''d planned to spend the summer after grad school riding out the what-now crests of our midtwenties and to consider baby-making, which--if it wouldn''t answer the "what now? To achieve this aim, he decided against recording digitally, instead recording the tracks on two-inch analog tape , intending each musical cue to sound as if it was emanating from a vinyl record. The streetlight cut into the car, illuminating the steering wheel, the dusty dashboard, the humming, buzzing electroland of our interior mobile world. The blinds close, the door locks and you think, 'It's the Temple of Doom. Being mean is so much fun

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Being mean is so much fun

Being mean is so much fun

Being mean is so much fun

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    So they''ve picked an easy target. You might have been the person that girl was smiling in response to as she crossed that same bridge on her cell phone. At the end of the day, Seth [Gordon] and I wanted to produce a score that is as irreverent and full of attitude as the movie itself.

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