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Alikewise dating site. 'Alikewise' Chooses Your Mate by Their Literature Preference.

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Alikewise dating site

Matt Masina and Matt Sherman, the site's founders, began working on the site in late after the latter broke up with his girlfriend. A subject that never interested us before is suddenly fascinating, because the beloved is obsessed with it; and explaining our own obsessions to another person can help illuminate them all over again. August 25, Is it important to date someone with a similar bookshelf to yours? The site, Sherman admitted, won't make much money unless it decides to charge a monthly fee for subscriptions — but first it needs to reach critical mass. Details about your appearance because a common love of Shakespearean sonnets doesn't ensure physical attraction. There are no upfront costs, so if your business is privately owned, less than three years old, and generates less than U. Time to expand the possibilities. And then you could search by a book, so then I'd know I wanted to hook up with the boy in the next building over who liked The Sun Also Rises as I linked that, I noticed that the SparkNotes pops up first before the book. Which basically is destroying the entire premise of literature and reducing it to character form, but potato potahto. Sebald—turned up no hits at all. Like wearing glasses that resemble Brad Goreski to make yourself look smarter, chicer, or more like Daria. Would you rather spend time on a more general online dating site with a larger userbase, or a niche site that brings people together with commons interests? Other users can comment on your selections — a great conversation starter. The writers with whom we identify most deeply can come to feel like extensions of ourselves: Sign up for the newsletter. Although there's room for other information, the emphasis is entirely on books. Alikewise dating site

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Alikewise dating site

Alikewise dating site

Alikewise dating site

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