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Things to bring to a picnic. Get Exclusive Access!.

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Healthy Picnic Food Ideas

Things to bring to a picnic

Cucumbers and Lemon are not only incredibly hydrating and refreshing but are also alkaline so they are great at fighting inflammation. Make sure you have enough room for everyone. Find the recipe here: Small bottled drinks eliminate the need for individual cups—one less thing to pack and wash later. Easy to make and incredibly delicious, it is a fantastic way of packing your picnic full of health-boosting nutrients. And there is nothing like having a day in the lovely sunshine with friends Plastic cups or bottles are best for little ones to avoid breakages. The beetroot filling is not only gorgeously earthy and sweet but also contains a unique variety of nutrients. CAMERA Getting out on a picnic adventure is a memory for the scrapbook, so charge up your phone or bring your camera for an afternoon of photos. By filling your basket with home-cooked meals and fantastic snacks, you will make eating them in the open air an even more enjoyable experience for everyone. Things to bring to a picnic

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Things to bring to a picnic

Things to bring to a picnic

Things to bring to a picnic

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    But common picnic salads, like potato or macaroni, can be difficult to serve and eat without a large spoon. Made from refreshing cucumber and lemon juice, it is finished off with the creamy avocado and fragrant basil. Basic supplies like bandages , aspirin, and hydrocortisone creams can keep an eventful day fun instead of uncomfortable.

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    Here are 15 things to always pack for a picnic.

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