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Virginia simms pics. virginia simms.

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Virginia simms pics

Other types of mounts encountered were embossed or decoratively painted. Silhouettes, like portrait sculpture, are usually either busts or full-figure. Because of their inexpensive nature, relative ease of acquisition, and because a sitter often acquired more than one portrait at a time, silhouettes could be given to someone as a memento. It was often possible to purchase the frame along with the silhouette at the time of the sitting—often clients chose a reverse glass gold and black painted mat as well. He often mounted his silhouettes on lithographed scenes done by "artists. The coating is relatively thick, 44 matte, opaque, and it appears somewhat dry, as if it is leanly bound. The following Greek myth recounted by Pliny the Elder also serves as a silhouette source. This was the first fish Jonathan ever caught in Va. Painted silhouettes decorated jewelry, such as brooches and rings, and snuff boxes. Often these loose silhouettes were slipped into the family bible or a favorite book. The issue of where these objects fit within the overall context of portraiture was also of interest. The effort to study American portrait silhouettes originated with a YUAG curator's interest in silhouettes as a possible addition to a planned exhibition of portrait miniatures. The profile images from ancient Egypt on tomb walls and in Greece on vases are oft cited silhouette sources. Virginia simms pics

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Virginia simms pics

Virginia simms pics

Virginia simms pics

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    Materials The materials and technology of creating silhouettes were extremely varied. Example of a conversation piece silhouette. The silhouette also flourished in other parts of Europe.

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    The maid's father Butade filled the outline with clay and fired it with the rest of his pots in order to comfort his lonely daughter—Pliny used the story to illustrate the origins of clay modeling.

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    It was also caught in the first 10 minutes of this float. Paper The paper used to make cut-out silhouettes is relatively thin and black on one side, white on the other.

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    Paper The paper used to make cut-out silhouettes is relatively thin and black on one side, white on the other.

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    Fancier style silhouettes can be found. Cut-out full-figure silhouettes from matte black coated white wove paper mounted to beige wove paper.

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