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Tasteful erotic movies. Contribute.

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Classy erotic photography

Tasteful erotic movies

Seymour Love, a jet-setting sex researcher who makes a wager with an old friend that he can transform Misty into a sophisticated and sultry socialite. It's watching Natalie Portman's character Alice — a stripper in a very pink bob —teasing Clive Owen in the pleasure room, toying with both his heart and his libido. The Notebook Click here to watch You may ask, "How can anything Nicholas Sparks has written be considered erotic? It's also so wrong — she's about to get married! In this list you will find a broad range of genres and styles of film — everything from real-life couples having sex to adult movie classics. Of course, that road trip would become his sexual awakening with a very mysterious older woman and his bestie, played by Diego Luna. That scene in the hotel may be short — 30 seconds or so — but it won't be forgotten by those involved or those who see it. There's something so wrong about what they're doing to their respective partners, but it's hard to look away when they're getting steamy in the rain and ripping each other's clothes to shreds. The Orgy Edition to find out. But that scene in which Gosling pleasures Williams in the shower the one that got the movie an NC rating. Especially in films that have been released in the s, when the definition of sexy so clearly expanded from being a man and a woman having passionate sex to anything you could possibly imagine. Last Tango in Paris is an erotic film starring Marlon Brando and directed by an art house auteur in Bernardo Bertolucci that uses butter in ways I won't ever forget. Tasteful erotic movies

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Tasteful erotic movies

Tasteful erotic movies

Tasteful erotic movies

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    It's not played to be risque, but tasteful — showing two women in the heat of passion, enjoying each other's bodies, which is hard not to enjoy when watching.

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    In fact, if the R-rated version of this movie, which tells the story of an American college student in Paris who gets entangled with a strange brother and sister film-loving duo, doesn't quite do it for you, check out the uncut NC version to see much more of Michael Pitt and Eva Green. Closer Click here to watch There's a lot of sex in this Mike Nichols movie, most of which feels rather dirty, because it's just so emotionally raw. Blue Valentine Click here to watch This movie is definitely not for the faint of heart as it covers the final moments of a marriage, flashing back and forth between now and when these two — played by Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling — were young, beautiful and in love.

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