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Severe - Blue Collar Substance

Gay blue collar tumblr

Jeremy will only do it if he gets to be on top, resulting in an outrageous tale of hardcore hairy hunk action! Even Jacob's staunch heterosexuality is tested by his desire for the comforts of the flesh, and Jacob finds himself powerless to resist! A Wrench With nowhere else to go, Jacob signs up to work on an oil rig, thinking there he can get away from the stresses of life. As a clerk there, Adrian knows all too well how macho straight treat guys like him He struggles to be accepted by his coworkers until one day he gets to join in on a game like nothing he's ever played before! A trio of burly hairbacks finds him, and they're so desperate they don't mind being with a girlie twink if that's what it takes to get their rocks off! Jacob is working alongside some blue-collar rednecks who don't mind a little man-on-man action to alleviate the tension of working far away from women. But an ex-cop like Jacob has trouble thinking like a civilian, and when he sees some of his coworkers taking advantage of someone else's naivete, he thinks he needs to intervene. The Sweatsmen Info List sends out one 1 email for every new original story released, nothing else. There's more to life on an oil rig than working hard. He's a strong young man who will stop at nothing to make his new career as a lumberjack work out. This story only gets more outrageous as Adrian puts a sheet over his face and agrees to "entertain" an all-Italian, all-macho, all-extreme bachelor party! Gay blue collar tumblr

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Gay blue collar tumblr

Gay blue collar tumblr

Gay blue collar tumblr

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    Indian Alpha Factory Muscle Vrishin is a bodybuilder and athlete who thought he could make it big in the Indian athletic world, but now he's been reduced to working in a factory for low wages.

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