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Zip lining in santa cruz. Tree Tops Tour.

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Zip lining and Santa Cruz boardwalk ! Vlog

Zip lining in santa cruz

But with the proper training and a trusting guide leading the way, scuba diving can bring life altering wonder to those who take the plunge. For many of us, it was our first visit to the beautiful, sprawling property, and we admired the modern facilities. It seems that once the diving bug bites, you tend to stay hooked. Others soon followed around the world, and now they're practically de rigeur. Skydiving is surely the scariest possible thing to do, but probably the most worth it, and Skydive Surfcity is the only place to do it in Santa Cruz County. Our guest helmets will have lights and our guides use glow sticks. The incline makes this section of the tour much faster - lasting about 27 seconds. Each participant wears a harness and uses a pulley system to glide along interconnected wires that stretch between elevated platforms. Next up for me: Adrenaline Junkie: Zip lining in santa cruz

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Zip lining in santa cruz

Zip lining in santa cruz

Zip lining in santa cruz

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