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Patrice O'Neal "Men Have All The Tools"

Patrice oneal

Thank you, Patrice O'Neal, for sharing your thoughts, making us laugh, and for being authentic. Sadly, O'Neal died the night of November 28, Tell me about that, about how things have changed? Comic style[ edit ] O'Neal's comedy has been described as conversational. That's what I saw. Standup comedian Patrice O'Neal has never shied away from ribbing on difficult issues, from racism and relationships to sex, politics, and even kitten abuse. And it didn't bother me because I already joke about my diabetes, so every joke was less harsh than what I say about myself. Because I think my approach to thinking about diabetes is basically the same mind-set as anybody else with it: Why do you think it's important to help people learn more about diabetes, through humor or otherwise? While in the NYC area, he performed at comedy clubs in the area, including headlining appearances at Comix and Caroline's. Like I can eat as many vegetables as I want. I'm a big black guy with diabetes, what else do they have to go on? Diabetes needs a campaign or something—an effective campaign to show people that it can be really serious, that you don't want to get it, that you suffer, there's a breakdown of your body, and your inside is suffering even if it's not painful or agonizing and even if it's not death. You just start feeling the effects more. My mother had diabetes, and said, "Maybe you should go check it out. It really does take some effort, but I have. He truly was one of my favorite comics. Patrice oneal

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Patrice oneal

Patrice oneal

Patrice oneal

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  1. Shakora says:

    He stated that his appearance at Sheen's roast did little to transform his career apart from helping sell out a weekend of stand-up shows at Caroline's. Because it is death if you don't take care of it. Well, my body just kind of told me I had it.

  2. Murg says:

    That's what I wish I would have thought about at 22,

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    I don't frivolize it, I don't marginalize it, but I do put the humor into it, and that helps people feel a little better about it. That's what I saw.

  4. Kigajin says:

    When I found out I had it, my body was saying something's wrong, but then it just behaved like nothing was wrong. But diabetes is a thing where it can trick you—it makes you feel like you're OK, if you're doing the right thing.

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