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Folgers Incest Commercial - Extended Cut

Family incese

We are at this time protecting my Sister and My 85 year old wonderful Mother. Please help me save my sisters before it is to late. Sometimes i think like committing suicide. She still doesnt say why she didnt do anything about it. I won't let anyone close to me anymore, I push away people who want to be close to me and recently found myself with a loaded gun in my hands. From junior high to 3 years ago, I was very purmiscuous. After I had my son 3 years ago my view has changed and I have never trusted men. I was just alittle boy. My brother-in-law's close friend says he has lost his mind, and doesn't even know about this latest BOMB!! I really didn't know this was happening to them. I dont even understand that behavior. They are all half crazy. I would like the courts to see the true effects of sexual abuse. This is something ingrained in their psychological makeup that cannot be changed. I never left the flat, oncew enduring 7hours of sex by various boys on our block. I never want to have my children experience the same childhood trauma that me, my older brother, and my mother have felt. My aunt used to babysit me and he was her older son in his 20s back then. Family incese

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Family incese

Family incese

Family incese

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  1. Yorr says:

    I found it exhilarating to explore her body, and I did appreciate the dry orgasms I sometimes achieved. I guess the events were so traumatizing that I cannot remember the details of the worst of it. I love my brother, but I don't know how to approach him right now

  2. Voodoocage says:

    Unfortunately, my father did an expert job of vilifying me with my siblings. I have tried to overcome my childhood and feel I am stronger than most. Sorry this is so long and poor grammer Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Doukus says:

    How can i help him see that i am not into that behavior and i dont want anything to do with it. My parents had slept in different rooms ever since I could remember.

  4. Arar says:

    My father skillfully, knowingly or not, had me isolated within my own family. We are both well-adjusted, well-educated and well-employed adults with families.

  5. Yozil says:

    I kept thinking she was using me. In my time kids were to be seen not heard.

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