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Ie11 clear cache. Temporary internet files can take up lots of unnecessary space.

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Clear Cookies/Cache in Internet Explorer 11

Ie11 clear cache

The idea behind temporary internet files is so that you can access the same content again without having to load them from the website. If you would like to delete other Internet Explorer data like any cookies, browsing or download history, form data, passwords, etc. Updated December 27, 31 31 people found this article helpful The temporary internet files in Internet Explorer 11, sometimes called the cache, are the copies of text, images, videos, and other data from recently viewed websites that are stored on your hard drive. The Ctrl-Shift-Del keyboard shortcut works too. He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. If you have the Menu bar enabled, you can instead click Tools and then Delete browsing history Just make sure the "Temporary Internet Files" option is chosen under the Internet Explorer area of the Cleaner section. What ends up happening is that only the new content from the page is downloaded, while the rest that's been unchanged, is pulled from the hard drive. Though they're called "temporary" files, they remain on the computer until they expire, the cache becomes full, or you remove them manually. You can also force IE to check for new website data and avoid the cache, every time you visit the page, every time you use IE, automatically the default option , or never. IE's temporary internet files settings can be changed through Internet Options. Just hold down both the Ctrl and Shift keys and then press the Del key. The Delete Browsing History window will disappear and you might notice your mouse icon go busy for a few moments. By default, Internet Explorer stores temporary internet files in this folder: In there is where you can choose a maximum size of the cache. Ie11 clear cache

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Ie11 clear cache

Ie11 clear cache

Ie11 clear cache

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    The Delete Browsing History window will disappear and you might notice your mouse icon go busy for a few moments.

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    You could avoid clearing the cache in IE manually be using a program that does it for you.

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    On the very right-hand side of the browser, click on the gear icon, also called the Tools icon, followed by Safety, and finally Delete browsing history By default, Internet Explorer stores temporary internet files in this folder:

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