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Thechive com girls. Verification.

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Thechive com girls

This is interesting becouse the site never posts pictures of girls that not look like this. Thin, big breasts, little clothing and long hair. Don't post or claim to know someone in the photo unless you can verify permission to post the photo. Upload them to Imgur, then send us the link. FAIL, Meme and motivational. No exceptions! RULE 7 Please limit yourself to 10 submissions in a 24 hour period. Take at least 3 color pictures of yourself holding the sign, from 3 different angles. Many of theese sub-categories are also male oriented as seen for example in the sub-category Bachelor Pads. If a girl is paid to look pretty, she does not belong here Breast implants are allowed. First or last names. So allready in the slogan it is possible to see that this site is gendered. Username watermarks are permissible for Verified users only! Then message the mods and let us know. Burn Bra, Hump day and Things that Bounce. Thechive com girls

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Thechive com girls

Thechive com girls

Thechive com girls

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    This is a zero tolerance rule and you will be banned. Then message the mods and let us know. Consent is a critical part of the overall health of this community.

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    The theories of heteronormativity also applies here concidering the fact that this is a site aimed towards a male audiance that supposedly like to look at the female body.

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