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Xnxx granny anal

By the time this happened I was hard and ready to jerk off again but instead as I stood I took the initiative. I guided my head towards it and when she bucked up to stop me it only helped. I pulled out and caught a glimpse of her ass contracting and my cum oozing out. Rolling out of bed I figured the best way to finish myself off was to go in the bathroom where I could gain some privacy and so I did. I turned to my grandmother frowning as she got down on her knees and licked my shaft clean. I continued to milk it until it stopped and cleaned up myself. She rolled over on her back. I should have showered first but who knows if that would have changed anything. Her anus was puckered and contracted. Home from school one day I went to my room and full of pent up sexual tension began touching shaft then my head then massaging my balls. I was wrong from flicking my tongue across her clit to sliding it in and out of her hole to fingering her and sucking her clit it seemed to take for ever before her moans grew louder and louder and she finally came. Cum was still oozing from my head though more slowly. It was as good a hole as any. I tugged on the lip with my own lips gentle and let my tongue move up and down her slit. Xnxx granny anal

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Xnxx granny anal

Xnxx granny anal

Xnxx granny anal

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