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The best way to do anal sex. I'm looking for....

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Ask A Porn Star: "Anal Sex Tips"

The best way to do anal sex

Use a Condom To minimize the risk of infection, be sure to clean your genitals before and after engaging in anal sex. Follow Anna on Twitter. That being said, you can totally clean things up. While anal sex without lube or with just spit can work, the best hack in the world to make it better is lube. Use a Lot of Lubrication Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its own lubricant. Try out anal play first. Kat Van Kirk says , the anus and the lower part of the rectum actually have very little fecal material in them, which means it tends to not be nearly as dirty as you think. Before embarking on the full monte of penetrative, anal sex, you can—and should! If you wondering when is the right time to engage in first-time anal sex, remember that there's no right or wrong answer. As with all type of sexual activity , anal sex is something that should be discussed beforehand. If you address the elephant in the room and open up about what may be bothering you about anal, you can have a dialogue that will make the experience all that much better for both of you. You can't enjoy anything in the world and you can't concentrate? The best way to do anal sex

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The best way to do anal sex

The best way to do anal sex

The best way to do anal sex

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    If you feel pain, have him ease up, stop, or switch positions.

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