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WBZ Midday Forecast For March 2

Cbs boston weather anchors

Lobel left channel 4 on May 16, , while Kulhawik and Wahle left on May 29, and May 30, respectively. ET hour of the show was broadcast nationally by CBS — featuring the Pops' signature performances of the Overture and " Stars and Stripes Forever ," as well as the fireworks over the Charles River. WBZ produces a weeknight 8 p. The 4: Live at Five, which essentially became Boston's first proper 5: Channel 4 has changed its news and station branding continuously since the affiliation switch, after having changed from its longstanding brand of Eyewitness News to WBZ News 4 in prior to the switch , the newscasts were rebranded to News 4 New England in and WBZ 4 News in The rebranding was completed on February 4, , during the station's coverage of the Super Bowl. In January , longtime morning and midday meteorologist Barry Burbank was reassigned to the weekend programs. During the station's 6: The renovations lasted for at least six weeks. Although this competitor to Live on 4 drew high ratings, the format ended after only a year, due to the departure of its creator, anchor Dave Wright. During that time, all newscasts originated from the on-air area of the newsroom. Cbs boston weather anchors

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Cbs boston weather anchors

Cbs boston weather anchors

Cbs boston weather anchors

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    The renovations lasted for at least six weeks.

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    With syndicated news and tabloid programming becoming more the norm in the late s and early s, Live on 4, like Evening Magazine, was starting to become of lesser importance to Group W. In January , after only four months, the 4: Bob Emery and Boomtown[ edit ] The station also broadcast many locally produced programs over the years.

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